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Turn fragmented data into actionable insights. Revolutionize how you plan and manage your business.

Imagine all of your data in one unified place

Mammoth is a supply chain productivity tool that uses AI to ingest and standardize data from different sources into a unified view of everything in your supply chain, including supply, demand, and inventory.

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Get control over your supply chain

Connect Mammoth to your existing spreadsheets and systems to build operational dashboards and automate workflows in seconds, or use our platform to create scenarios and run complex supply chain optimizations.

Get started in minutes

Connect all of your internal data sources with a few clicks and forward anything that comes through your inbox. Don't worry about cleaning it – we use AI to do it for you.

Query your data in seconds

Build dashboards and automate workflows easily without navigating to a new tool - you can do it right in spreadsheets using the Mammoth data extension.

Get answers instantly

Ask our co-pilot any question about your supply chain and we’ll tell you what you need to know in real-time, saving hours on meeting prep and report creation.

Collaborate seamlessly

Share reports and scenarios with internal and external stakeholders leveraging a knowledge base that is completely standardized and always up-to-date.

Use Mammoth to supercharge your spreadsheets

Now, what took weeks can be done in minutes.

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