About Mammoth

Mammoth is the only industry-specific vertical planning solution on the market, built for high growth CPG companies by seasoned operators who have experienced these challenges at companies ranging from Fortune 50 to billion dollar scale-ups.

The trillion dollar problem

Inefficient supply chains will cost CPG companies nearly $800 billion in topline growth by 2030.

Supply chains are increasingly volatile, and businesses urgently need a unified, real-time view of their operations.

Data can('t) solve it...

It's impossible to plan and prepare for growth or disruption, never mind keep a unified view of anything.

Your data is siloed in point solutions, stuck in your inbox, and throwing #REF! errors in spreadsheets, but who has the time or money to try to fix it with some fancy new software?

Today's supply chains demand more

Mammoth empowers companies with advanced AI tools to transform fragmented data into actionable insights.

With Mammoth, you can easily monitor your entire supply chain in real-time, build and query a consolidated repository of data, run scenario analysis, and deploy complex optimization logic across your entire supply chain in real-time.

Unleash growth.
Unlock profit.

Align on the data and eliminate surprise bottlenecks.

Collaborate seamlessly with stakeholders inside your org and across your supply chain to optimize decision-making and drive gross profit while reducing waste and establishing robust, transparent, and sustainable supply chains.

Our impact

We believe that better business practices will result in better businesses. With Mammoth, every CPG company can have the supply chain planning capabilities of the Fortune 50.


reduced inventory costs


material cost savings


less time spent wrangling data

Zero friction.

Ready to transform your supply chain? Discover how Mammoth can help.